If you are looking for customized number plate graphics, dirt bike, or motocross stickers/decals Bling Graphix offers custom MX number plate graphics. we will email a picture with a design so you can decide if it’s good or needs some changes. Nothing will be printed without Your last decision.

Dirt Bike Number Plate Graphic benefits

MX number plate graphics is one of the most significant places in terms of design of your dirt bike. It is the dirt bike number plate graphics that usually attract the eye of the spectators - both when watching the motocross sport live and looking at the photos. Therefore, it is obvious that if you want to be noticed, you should pay attention to the design of dirt bike number plates and refresh it as often as needed.

How to install Dirt Bike Number Plate Graphics

First of all, it is worth checking your dirt bike‘s plastics if they are still good to use. If they have noticeable scratches, maybe you should consider changing them into brand new ones. It is extremely significant to have motocross plastics in a perfect condition if you want your MX to look good. 

If you are satisfied with the condition of the plastics you have, then all you have to do is to remove old graphics and clean the surface very carefully. Make sure that the graphics are of the right size. If needed, you can cut off excessive sections. Finally, you may start the process - apply your new motocross number plate graphics.