Plastics for Husqvarna

The main benefit of Husqvarna plastics is that you can create a personalized look for your Motocross. Plastics come in different colors. It means that you may develop the look of your MX not only by choosing to install the graphics you like but also by choosing the type of plastic kit as well.

These products not only allows you to express your individual style but also provides perfect fitment, durability and flexibility. Furthermore, the front fender features special ribs that protect radiators from roost. Also, they improve the cooling process.

How to install Husqvarna Plastics

The plastic kit for Husqvarna motocross bike includes start number plate, spoiler set, fork protection kit, fender, air filter panel and covers, side fairing and tail section. Each of the mentioned plastics is easily installed. Therefore, you can change them yourself.

If you do not trust your own strength, the guide included with the plastics can help you, in which you will clearly see how to remove the old plastics and replace them with new ones. Videos on various platforms can also be useful. So, choose the option that is most acceptable to you.