GasGas Plastics

Plastics for Gasgas motocross bikes are well-suited to endure even the harshest biking conditions. Their flexibility and longevity significantly increase the lifespan of MX parts. What is more, the construction of gasgas plastics ensures better dirt bike performance.

Another benefit that is worth mentioning is that gasgas plastics come in various colours. It means that you can choose the ones you like the most and become a designer of your MX in a way. 

How to install GasGas Plastics

You may wonder whether the installation of these aesthetic and protective plastics is difficult. And the answer is - no, it is not difficult at all. It means that you can do all the installation work yourself quickly and easily. And if you are not sure about this process - you can always ask Motocross masters to help you.

Dirt bikes’ plastics are neither difficult to replace with the brand new ones, nor they need any special maintenance. Especially if you install graphics on them, which not only improves your MX look, but also has a protective function for plastics as well. It works as a prevention against weather conditions and various scratches.