Honda Plastics

Plastics for motocross bikes are an inseparable part of the standard motocross equipment. They are extremely significant because they have a role of protecting the MX frame, tank, fork, lamp, air-filter housing, etc. As dirt bike plastics are always under stress, you have to make sure you use high-quality products.

Honda is undoubtedly one of the brands whose name is widely associated with quality when speaking about dirt bikes. Nevertheless, plastics in order to ensure the protection of the motocross and safety of a racer are still needed. A fully prepared motorcycle will ensure a smooth ride and allow significant results in racing.

How to install Honda Plastics

It is significant to note that there is no right or wrong method to install Honda dirt bike plastics. Nevertheless, most often the process is started by removing the old plastics: rear of the Motocross, then – side panels, airbox covers, rear fender and front fender. After that you may install new Honda dirt bike plastics in the same order as the old ones were removed. However, you can do this process in another way that is convenient for you.